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About Squarebird

About Squarebird

We’re square and we love it!

At Squarebird, we’re breaking the agency mould.

We live and breathe digital and website design – constantly evolving, attuned to the new. A highly skilled team of marketing strategists, web development experts and creative designers, we have a passion for delivering our services responsibly and devising original solutions that perform.

Let our clients do the talking…

We were looking to update the websites for each of our four organisations. It was clear from the start that Squarebird know just about everything there is to know about designing and building websites. We now have four extremely well designed, vibrant and colourful websites which really capture the character of our organisation.

Marcus Rowland
5 Star Review Based on Google reviews

Everybody’s heard, about the Bird!

Squarebird was founded in 2015 by two brothers who saw an alternative to the big agency model.

They knew agencies had to adapt and stay agile to keep pace with advancing technology, but this wasn’t happening. Time and time again in roles as clients to big agencies and web developers, they noticed a disparity between what was needed and what was supplied. They wanted proactivity, thought leadership, and a closer relationship with the person doing the work.

They realised there was a gap in the media landscape waiting to be filled by a dynamic, responsive agency that specialised in digital. So, they created Squarebird.

Since inception, Squarebird has become a highly skilled team, delivering exceptional website development, graphic design, and SEO projects for local, national, and FTSE-listed organisations in the UK and worldwide.

Our clients love our creativity, passion and innovation.

Our digital DNA.

A bird with no legs sleeps on the wind

– Tennessee Williams

We were born here. We’ve grown up here. Digital’s in our DNA. We’re restless, risk takers, causing a stir. Always adapting to keep up with the pace. Because as technology moves, we have to move with it. Evolve to survive; stay unique to thrive.

We’re innovative, intuitive – subconsciously attuned. Frank, no frills kind of people, fuelled by home-grown talent. Heavy-lifters, straight-talkers, always making new. We like simple solutions to complex problems.

What could we do for you?

Birds of a feather flock together.

We’re a friendly bunch of digital natives, making online dreams come true! From web developers to graphic designers, marketeers and SEO buffs, our team covers the full spectrum of digital and web design talent, working collaboratively to craft bespoke websites that perform. Want to see more? Check out our web design portfolio and explore our case studies.

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