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Improving high-quality enquiry rates for a luxury cruise provider in Sydney, Australia.

Over the previous 12 months from our office in Bristol, we have been working with Karisma Cruises, a private boat charter company in Sydney, Australia, to improve the effectiveness of their website. In a competitive market where a strong web presence is key, the team at Karisma needed to optimise their digital presence to drive enquiries to support the Director’s ambitions to grow the business.

Here’s how we’ve helped build this global brand:

Responsive Design

Responsive Design


Marketing Strategy


Stunning Photography


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Essential SEO

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The Website.

Following an audit and full review of the old Karisma Cruises website, we were able to identify a few key issues that needed to be resolved before we looked to optimise the site, such as the slow website speed, poor image quality, unclear conversion tracking/reporting and the need to revise much of the content to enable both users and search engines to understand the purpose of each web page more effectively.

We could see that Karisma and all its glamour was not being presented to the best of its ability, and subsequently the website wasn’t making it easy for customers to get into contact.

The Project.

Utilising our findings from the audit and competitor research, we provided the Karisma team with guidance for a new page structure and written content necessary to improve the website’s performance.

Our team reviewed this to ensure that the content was search engine friendly, before we provided the Directors with a new website concept following a conference call with our design team to establish the necessary look and feel of the website, and to help grasp what makes a Karisma Cruise different to the others.

What’s more, Karisma found it valuable to work with us in Bristol rather than a local firm, as they knew for certain we weren’t working with a competitor. Essentially, we were able to offer them a competitive edge against the other cruise companies who all used the same supplier with the same service package.

The Results.

Karisma Cruises are now enjoying unprecedented levels of enquiries from their new website, all of which they can establish whether they are a result of paid advertisements or organic search results through effective conversion tracking.

We believe this is thanks to an improved website design, better mobile functionality, optimised content, and an impressive load time. All of these factors help improve the effectiveness of their paid for ads, which we have also helped to optimise.

In early 2018, the Squarebird team took a trip out to Sydney to meet with the Directors following the completion of the website build, taking video, photography and drone footage of Karisma in all its glory in and around Sydney Harbour, while planning for the exciting year ahead for the Karisma team.

How else did we help?

Take a look at the full list of services we used to help Karisma take their brand to the next level.

Responsive Websites

Responsive websites

With businesses and consumers ever increasingly using the internet on their phone or tablet to find what they need, it is absolutely essential that your website not only works on mobiles, but is logical and easy to use on mobiles.

Our Latest Websites

Lightning-fast Hosting

Lightning-fast hosting

All of our websites are hosted on servers running Solid State Drives (SSDs), making them extremely quick. We also maintain daily back-ups and regular security and software updates to ensure consistent website compatibility and reliability.

Our Hosting Options


Stunning photography

Build confidence in your clients and customers with fantastic photography. High-quality imagery taken by our talented team, using the latest technology, is a fantastic way of showing off your business, your people, your work, your products and more!

Our Photography

Rachael Gorry

Director, Karisma Cruises

An overseas holiday in June this year led me to meet Jon from Squarebird. I was stuck and at a loss at the time, being a client of about my third lazy SEO and design company back in Australia and had begun to lose hope that I could trust anyone with this part of my business. After some extensive chats (over 2-for-1 happy hours) based around their concept at Squarebird and what they believe to be the innovative approach to marketing in comparison to what I was receiving, it was an easy decision for me to put my young business into their hands from the other side of the world in Sydney. For the past few months, their awesome team have built a brand new website, SEO campaign, content ideas and more and they have been proactive and efficient every step of the way. I am beyond happy with the service of their team so far and have a great feeling about our relationship and my business growth moving forward. Go team Squarebird!

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