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Pasta King - A fresh, healthy look.


While undergoing a rebrand, Pasta King came to Squarebird in the hopes of some extra flavour for their site and marketing materials. They wanted to expand their customer base, holding onto their roots in education while adopting a more flexible vibe that could appeal to any audience and age group.

We took the challenge, co-ordinating with their Marketing Manager, Jo Fray, to boil down and refresh Pasta King’s online identity.


“It was a real honour to work with such a renowned brand, and give something that’s a childhood memory for so many a more grown up and mature foothold in the world. Huge thanks to Jo for all the support and driving progress for the Pasta King brand!”

– Heather Church, Project Manager


  • Web design
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Creative copywriting
  • HTML email templating
  • Email marketing


Great ingredients, simply served.


While the fluorescent reds of Pasta King’s old brands were a nostalgic reminder of school days, they decided to revamp their look to appeal to modern audiences.

Photoshoots with real, fresh ingredients in frame gave a crisp overview of their offerings. We let the images speak for themselves, keeping the website bright and lively while showing customers that these people actually make the delicious food they’re talking about.

Playful elements like bespoke icons and the brick-textured backgrounds gave a fun nod to the brand’s past while sticking to their new vision. These features kept the life and colour of the site, but stripped back their branding to make them more accessible.


The site structure was on the cutting board as well. It had been added to and chipped away at over the years, resulting in little rhyme or reason as to what went where.

Creating bespoke, responsive, and modernised designs helped them to display the content they needed in a considered user journey, offering extra resources for customers and Account Managers while they’re on the road.


With a solid legacy, a lot to offer, and more brands and ranges on the horizon, it was a challenge to convey all the details about Pasta King succinctly. Anyone who didn’t know them would need to be able to find the information they needed without getting lost. Taking point, our creatives formed a digital journey that anyone could follow intuitively.

After all was said, and most of it done, there were still plenty of activities for us to engage in. Email campaigns, sales process optimisations, and trackable form submissions are a few of the things we’ve already worked on, letting us see the journey people take and improve on it in the future.

The result.

We took their site and marketing, merging them into a fresh, cohesive brand that offers a streamlined sales process. Our devs did a great job turning an overly vibrant site into a sleek portal that scales and caters perfectly to its audiences while still being full of life. With more opportunities on the way, we look forward to growing our relationship with Pasta King.

From the brief to the site launch, the team were fantastic at really understanding our wants and needs. The process was efficient and everything was always explained in a way that was understood. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback on our new site, so a big thank you to all at Squarebird who worked on it.

Jo Fray
5 Star Review Based on Google reviews

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