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100 Years in the Baking


100 Years in the Baking

When Thomas George Pullin first began baking in 1925, he couldn’t have anticipated that the local family business would grow and achieve the success Pullin’s sees today, 99 years later! In readiness for the 100-year celebrations, it was time to update the website.

Their previous 10-year-old site had served its purpose, lacking responsiveness and limiting online sales. They came to Squarebird, as another local business proud to be trading in North Somerset, in search of an updated look, feel, and user experience, while maintaining the heritage of their brand.

“At Squarebird, we truly value partnering with outstanding local brands, and Pullin’s Bakery is a prime example! Watching the new website take shape was a thrilling experience, driven by the remarkable collaboration between Tristan, Pullin’s Brand & Planning Director, and our dedicated Squarebird team.”

Nick Bird, Managing Director


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  • Web development
  • SEO


The delivery

The main challenge Pullin’s bakery faced was catering to its two distinct target audiences: the general public, both online and via the high street, and wholesale to internationally renowned clients like British Airways, the National Trust and Great Western Railway.

Their previous website wasn’t optimal for either audience, so this was the primary motivation behind a re-design. Our web development team were able to deliver a future-proofed site that served each audience the information most relevant to them, in the way they’d want to see it.

To create the final look, we worked closely with their in-house brand team to pull together the design elements, taking the initial visuals they put together and tailoring them for the web.

The result

While maintaining the brand values and key family history, Squarebird created a new site that enables business growth. The new website is significantly faster, more responsive, and easier to use. Pullin’s have seen notable growth with both their target audiences, with the website driving this surge in revenue.

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