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How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate – 6 of Our Top Tips

Looking to increase the number of enquiries or sales generated via your website? In this guide we’ve explained 6 of our top tips that have proven to make a difference and increase your site’s conversion rate…

1. Structure Your Website for Goals, Not Appearance

Of course, you want your website to contain awesome graphics, high-quality imagery and generally look spick and span, but if it’s not straightforward for users to enquire or make a purchase, then the purpose of your site is completely defeated. You need to make sure website is intuitive and based upon the goals of your visitors – if they can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, then they’ll go to one of your competitors.

Following the quirkiest of designs will only get you so far. Following the needs of your customers will get you further.

2. Make it Clear Why Visitors Should Utilise You

What are the biggest problems your target audience are experiencing? You need to make it clear how your solution helps them.

We’ve seen too many websites overcomplicate their content and fail to clearly convey what it is that makes their product or service unique. You need to craft a well-thought out selling proposition otherwise customers simply won’t see the benefit of utilising your business.

3. Measure & Track Data Rather Than Guess

It’s absolutely essential that you’re measuring data and tracking how visitors are using your site. It provides invaluable insight into the customer journey, enabling you to understand exactly what is and isn’t working. This in turn will allow you to tweak and optimise your site to make it more conversion-based.

For example, 60% of your overall traffic may be viewing your contact page, but only 5% are actually sending you an email. Why? Perhaps your email address on this page is too small and users can’t find it? Perhaps your contact form contains too many fields? You won’t know unless you’re using the right tracking software.

4. Have a Clear Call to Action

One of our bugbears is coming across a website that overloads users with too many options. You might have experienced ‘analysis paralysis’ when ordering at a restaurant or deciding where to go on holiday, well the same can happen on a website too.

It’s imperative that every page on your website has one main and clear call to action, otherwise you’re trying to achieve too much. Make sure each page is simple and straightforward to navigate, ensuring that there’s an obvious button to click or contact form to fill out. Your website should be like an in-store experience – easy-to-find products, helpful customer service and an overall positive customer experience.

Below we have applied the ‘Squint Test’. Even with the website out of focus, it is clear where the main calls to action are and where you are meant to click, making it very obvious how to get to the next step in your journey through the website.

5. Trial and Test

No two businesses are the same, and every business’ target audience are likely to be slightly different, so just because you see something you like on another website, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work on yours. Taking inspiration from another company’s site is a good place to start, but you shouldn’t stop there.

In order to excel, you should have a thorough testing process in place. Frequent A/B testing of different promotions, page layouts, landing pages, images, copy and button styles are examples of how you might be able to improve conversion rates and achieve more out of the same visitor levels.

6. Prove Your Trustworthiness

A significant step in the customer decision-making process is trust, so another thing your website need to do is to demonstrate your credibility. This can be achieved in a multitude of ways, but some of our favourite include reviews, testimonials, case studies and installing an SSL certificate on your website.

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