A word from The Birds:

We’re incredibly excited to be launching our new website, along with securing our new office space that really paves the way towards becoming a medium-sized agency. Winning some major new clients and projects, alongside the immense success of many start-ups we worked with in the early days, has resulted in ever-increasing demand for our services.

At the end of 2016, it was just us two. By the end of this year, we might be up to a team of seven or eight. This growth comes with its challenges, but it’s all in the fun of nurturing an expanding business and we’re enjoying every minute.

Huge thanks to the team for all their efforts and to our clients for their daily support, and particularly throughout the new website project. Onwards and upwards!

Our new website has hatched!

Practising what we preach with a Great Website

Shortly after we celebrated turning 2 years old in May 2017, we decided to embark on taking our website to the next level, now that we have a much bigger team and ever growing client list, it was important to reflect the scale and quality of our work and our ambitions throughout our own website.

After 4 months (and a lot of hard work!), we are ready to launch Squarebird 4.0!

New exciting bits

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We know we must practice what we preach in our Great Website Philosophy, and that required improved effort towards:

  • Developing compelling written content for each of our services
  • Presenting what we do, with detailed case studies to showcase the range of industries we work in
  • Capturing real, fun and engaging imagery that is omnipresent around the new site
  • Making it easier for users to get in touch with us

Each member of our team has gone above and beyond to make this happen, collaborating and testing our skills to (somehow!) get this website complete, alongside very busy workloads. So, please feel free to look around at the fruits of our labour!

We’re flying the nest, again!

We’re VERY excited about securing a new, much bigger office space that will enable us to expand further, but we need to keep the location to ourselves for now! So shhhhhhhh!

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Discover Our Results-Driven Services

We have the ability to support growing businesses market themselves effectively.

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Compelling Content

We take the time to understand your business as an outsider, utilising with our skills and experience of working in a wide range of industries. We even help you to write the content; something many website developers run away from.

Engaging Content

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Tailored for SEO

Using our vast experience and expertise in the search engine field, we are able to use tried and tested methods to optimise your chances of getting you to a excellent position when people look for you on Google in a short period of time.

Proven SEO Stategies

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Responsive Websites

With businesses and consumers ever increasingly using the internet on their phone or tablet to find what they need, it is absolutely essential that your website not only works on mobiles, but is logical and easy to use on mobiles.

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