Marketing Management.

Pushing your marketing forward.

Proactively managing regular marketing activity is increasingly hard for medium sized businesses and start-ups. It’s virtually impossible to dedicate time on a regular basis when you need to adapt and react to client and customer demands throughout busy periods.

At Squarebird we help identify, schedule and implement marketing plans for businesses of all sizes, so that you can stick to what you’re good at, safe in the knowledge that your marketing activity is regular and of high quality.


Squarebird works with you to develop an active marketing management plan. Whether you are looking to have our team manage your existing marketing efforts or introduce new strategies to further your growth, we use the latest methods to take your business to the next level.

How does it work?

  • Squarebird research your company and its competitors. Spending time understanding your business is essential for effective marketing.
  • We work with you to create an active marketing management plan.
  • Our team then oversee and action your plan allowing you to focus on running your business.

As your company and industry grow, so will your marketing requirements. Squarebird is a young and dynamic company that uses the latest marketing techniques to keep your business ahead of the competition.

With regular reviews of the marketing effort and performance, we will quickly highlight and adapt your marketing strategy to keep you at the cutting edge of your industry.

We work with a wide range of companies, from small local traders to international organisations – our pricing structure is tailored to suit your requirements.

The cost of managing your marketing efforts will vary depending on how much input and time your company needs.

Working with Squarebird is essentially gaining access to an entire marketing department made up of Social Media and SEO nerds, Web development geeks and Digital Marketing Pros.

All costs involved in managing your marketing effort are transparent and pre-approved before any work is carried out.

Working with Squarebird to manage your company’s marketing is an investment in the growth of your business, not an expense.

Throughout any marketing management plan or retainer agreement, the hours can be made up of any of our services. If some months you need more web development or graphic design rather than consultancy time, that’s fine; we are happy to work around you.

Typically, we meet with clients on site once per month or more often and provide a detailed account of work completed each month.

Talk to us about marketing.

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