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SEO Audits

SEO Audits

SEO audits.

We analyse first, act later.

To deliver long-term optimisation for our clients, we know a full SEO audit is key. The insights provided by a Squarebird SEO audit feed into our integrated, holistic SEO strategies, delivering sustainable success, not short-term tricks.

We use premium tools and extensive experience in SEO marketing to consider all aspects of your website’s current performance in the search engine results pages. It’s the foundation of all our SEO work, and ensures our strategies deliver real-world results. Because if you don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you can get to.

SEO audit process.

Good SEO audits consider many different factors to get a complete picture of your website’s performance. Here are some of the main areas that get targeted during the analysis.

We find out how visible your site is today. A key part of any SEO audit is analysing your current performance in the search engines to see what keywords you’re currently ranking for. This will tell you whether your current content is targeting the right users with the right search intents. It also demonstrates whether Google understands your website and is crawling it correctly. We consider on and offsite elements, including your relationship with other websites.

By comparing your online activity and web presence to that of your competitors, we can see how you measure up. This can provide valuable insights into things you can improve upon, but also things you are doing better at! From keywords to target to aspects of your website to optimise, this crucial stage of the audit allows you to figure out where you fit within your industry, and how you can start to assert your brand.

Of course, no SEO audit is complete without a rigorous analysis of the website’s technical performance. We look at your site structure, H tags, homepage and landing pages, broken links and other onsite elements, all in order to boost UX/UI, and ensure nothing is getting in the way of your search engine success.

SEO Marketing from leading Bristol agency.

With a thorough SEO audit, we can craft a strategy for your website that is based on accurate research and technical expertise. We’re constantly investigating the latest trends and updates in the SEO world, ensuring we continue to deliver reliable strategies that get results. Our meticulous, all-encompassing audits lay the foundations for future strategy, providing your website and business with the best chance of success. Talk to our team today and let’s find out where you are.

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