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SEO Methods

SEO Methods

How we optimise your site.

With search engines getting smarter, SEO needs to smarten up too.

Gone are the days of keywords and backlinks alone; effective SEO needs to be holistic and comprehensive, delivering the best user experience for your target audience. From search intent to history, interests, and location, there are many variables to consider and integrate in order to get the most from your strategy. So, how do we do it?

A strategy needs a goal, so what’s yours? The first step to any SEO work is to understand who your target market is, what role your website plays in your business, whether your digital activity can be improved, the purpose and CTA of your website, and where you want to head in the future.

If you already have a website, what levels of relevant traffic are you getting? The next step in our process involves analysing your current performance. We look at everything from time spent on the site to conversion rate, and make sure to check out how your competitors are doing too.

Reaching the right people is easier if you know who the right people are. We help you identify your target market and key user personas, then plot their journey through your website from arrival to conversion.

Next, we get technical. Our SEO experts conduct rigorous audits and checks to see how your website is performing. We check how accessible your content is to the search bots, whether you have any undesirable backlinks or malware, and whether your hosting is sufficient or if there are any UX/UI issues.

Sometimes, looking into your competitors’ performance can help identify new, exciting SEO opportunities. On top of this, we identify content opportunities for your website by researching keyword search volumes, helping you decide what subjects to prioritise.

Based on our extensive research, we craft a content strategy document that outlines the quickest route to long-term optimisation.

The strategy’s set, but SEO doesn’t sleep. Instead, a cycle begins of continuous improvement. Alongside continued monitoring of your website’s health, performance, and reputation, we help you write and distribute content, regularly refresh evergreen content, and implement PPC or social ads if desired to provide the most comprehensive optimisation possible.

Search engine optimisation with Bristol SEO agency.

At Squarebird, we’re not about quick tricks and black hat tactics. Instead, we craft tailored SEO strategies based on years of experience and tried and tested methods. We don’t take shortcuts. Effective SEO requires a strategy that encompasses all aspects of your website’s performance, ensuring a streamlined journey for your target users. Don’t just get seen, get seen by the right users, and make sure those right users convert. With our team of SEO specialists on our side, your website is set to soar.

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