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SEO Results

SEO Results

A series of SEO success stories.

Our SEO methods and strategies are tailored to your business and built to last.

Over the years, we’ve helped business’ in all sorts of sectors see significant increases in organic, high quality traffic. We don’t settle for quick tricks and short term tactics. A track record of tangible SEO performance and happy clients is testament to our expertise in technical SEO for long term traffic.

It’s our commitment to regular content and continuous optimisation without unsustainable shortcuts that means our strategies rest on firm foundations and will go the distance. Native to digital, we’re always on the lookout for updates to ranking factors, evolving our plans to meet the expectations of an evolving online world.

Hard work pays off. Take a look!

Shepherd hut builders.

A website from scratch that soon started to soar.

We built a brand new website for a team of artisan shepherd hut makers. There was no existing site or any online presence to speak of, so we were starting from the very beginning. Within 28 months of SEO activity led by the Squarebird team, the site was receiving between 3,000 – 4,500 organic visits per month.

This graph shows how organic traffic to the website has increased since it went live.

Technical recruitment website.

An engineering recruiter who saw its statistics begin to rise.

Since going live in 2017, this Bristol recruitment company’s website has seen a substantial increase in organic traffic and conversions (website form submissions). This is thanks to our strategy of regular SEO activity, attracting quality traffic to the website that is highly relevant to the services the business provides.

This graph demonstrates the boost to organic traffic.
A clearly visible increase in website conversions.

Timber cladding supplier.

Taking a timber cladding website to the top of Google.

We worked with a timber cladding manufacturer and supplier over a number of years to enhance the business’ online presence. In 2015, the site was seeing 7,142 organic sessions and this number has increased year on year as a direct result of our SEO plan. The 2020 stats showed 153,153 organic sessions – that’s a 2,053.44% increase in only 5 years!

A significant increase in organic traffic over a period of years.
Here you can clearly see the difference in organic traffic in 2015 vs. 2017.

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