Marketing Videos.

Showcase your business with motion!

At Squarebird, we have some of the most advanced and latest technology to help take your business to the next level. Whether you want some quirky animations to go on to your website, or some unique footage of your premises using a drone, our skills in videography can showcase your business in the best quality.


Promotional videos.

Creating promotional videos to add to your business’ website and social media channels is a great marketing tool. Producing these exciting and interesting videos increases the amount of visitors who will return to visit your website and social media platforms, and therefore increases the chance of becoming a customer.

Drone footage.

One of the most recent trends, drone videography is an extraordinary way to showcase your business from a new angle. Whether you want to film a new product, or show off your office with a quick walk-through, our qualified team can help produce breathtaking footage, which could be crucial in taking your business one step further.


Animation is a great method of marketing that is often overlooked. Having animations can help apply simplicity to complexity, where a product or service needs to be explained rather than shown off. Creating something different that will grab the attention of users is a great tool to help you get noticed.

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