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WooCommerce Web Development

WooCommerce Web Development

WooCommerce specialists in Bristol.

WooCommerce is a native WordPress ecommerce plug-in that allows websites to list and sell products.

For our retail clients, WooCommerce allows independent product listing and order management due to its flexibility and ease of use. We’ve been developing online shops for years, helping our clients go from initial product idea to international ecommerce store.

Equally, our team of dynamic developers have made migrating from another, less functional platform a breeze, giving our clients access to a higher class of ecommerce.

What we do.

With commerce increasingly moving online, knowing that your website agency can deliver a top-quality online store is crucial. Not only that, standing out online has become increasingly tricky, so you need to make sure your store offers a seamless customer experience, and presents your brand in the best light.

The Squarebird team combines creative design with technical skill and experience, ensuring your e-commerce store has clear call to actions, ease of use, and streamlined user journeys. If you want to start making some serious sales, you know who to call.

  • Content focused
  • Bridging & Integrations
  • Stock Management
  • Easy order & inventory management
  • Custom extensions
  • Custom payment gateways
  • Lean software
  • Advanced product filtering, searching & sorting functionality
  • Migration from other e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento etc.)
  • Customisation
  • Unlimited images

Ecommerce development with Bristol web agency.

Simple to use and highly customisable, WooCommerce is our ecommerce platform of choice for online retail. Installing WooCommerce on your WordPress site allows you to update and modify product listings independently and it has great scalability. Not only that, but your website can integrate high-quality content due to its WordPress foundations, allowing you to smash SEO at the same time as selling your wares.

So, whether you’re an independent start-up with a few products to list, or a large firm looking to update its online presence, we can develop and build the perfect digital ecommerce website for your brand to sell from.

Our clients love our creativity, passion and innovation.

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