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Tru-Tension Enters BBC’s Dragons’ Den!

Almost 3 years ago, we met up with Chris Frappell, now CEO of Tru-Tension, in a local pub to discuss marketing potential for his new idea – a product that had the potential to change the way that most motorcyclists around the world maintained their bike’s chain.

What Chris arrived with came in the shape of a 3D printed piece of plastic (pictured below) with the question “Can you help me take this to market?”

“This is Dragon’s Den material” we all thought.

One of the first prototypes, photographed shortly before our Managing Partner Jon ran it over after testing it on his motorcycle! (yes… that actually happened…)

At the time, we were thinking of starting Squarebird and it was one of two projects that, if we won both, would enable us to leave our jobs and start our marketing agency.

A few weeks later, Chris chose to start working with us to take his product to market with a new website, strategic marketing plan and product packaging, the first steps to building the Tru-Tension brand. This initial work, and his continued success, has been a major catalyst in our own company’s formation and growth, too.

2 years on from our boozy lunch meeting, we were sat in the Squarebird offices nervously awaiting Chris’s return from The Dragon’s Den studios at The BBC, having worked together on his application and supporting materials just weeks before.

With many of the Squarebird team avid motorcyclists, we always love the excitement of working with Tru-Tension’s brand and products. But this time the excitement was almost too much!

Chris is unable to reveal the outcome of his time in The Den, however you can watch it on Sunday 11th February at 9pm on BBC 2.

Set your reminders now!

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