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Website Design & Build Bristol

A strong online presence for your brand depends upon a stunning, responsive, and dynamic website. With expertise across the full spectrum of web design disciplines, Squarebird’s team of WordPress web designers and developers are here to bring your platform to life. From established businesses seeking a refresh to new brands eager to launch, we’re here to craft your website from the ground up.

What is web design?

Many different elements combine to form a website’s look, feel and function. Web design is the catch-all term for the process of planning and creating these elements. Though web designers used to prioritise designing for desktop browsers, mobile and tablets are coming to the fore as more and more users opt to browse on their mobile devices.

A successful web designer will consider a range of factors during a project, including user experience, brand identity, and technical performance. That way, the website is sure to be visually striking and attention grabbing, as well as perfectly suited to the target audience. Essentially, it’s about using the layout, content, colours, font, imagery and structure of a website to tempt your users to stay on the site and streamline their journey. It’s about using design to make users take the actions you want.

What makes a good website design?

A good website design can take many forms and appearances and will completely depend upon the sector it’s intended for. There are, however, some common themes that distinguish successful designs from unsuccessful ones. Trends come and go in the world of web design, but simplicity and ease of navigation are always high on the agenda. A good website will have clear call-to-action buttons that draw the eye and guide users where they need to go, reducing snags or points of frustration. It will be visually stunning and structurally precise, nurturing and intriguing leads with elegant imagery and compelling content. 

Why is good web design important?

Good website design is critical in our digital age. For many businesses, your website is your identity. Before a customer has engaged with your services or products, they will gain a first impression of who you are through your site – and first impressions count! Not only does a good website design encourage conversions and reduce bounce rate, but it also fosters trust and belief in your solution, service, or product. It has the power to set you apart in a crowded online marketplace. 

Web design vs web development.

Simply put, web design is about how the website looks, whilst web development is about how it works. When it comes to creating a visually stunning, totally bespoke, and highly functional website from scratch, it’s likely you’ll need both. Whilst a website designer will focus on usability and the website’s relationship to the user, a developer will focus more on the nitty-gritty, technical details, often using programming languages to code the functions specified by the design. Basically, web design is the first stage of the process of creating a website. Once the design is picture-perfect, it is handed to the developer to bring the project to life. 

How to build a website.

Building a website is a complex process. Let’s break it down.

  • Consultation – we take the time to understand what you need from the site. What should it look like, what should it say about your brand, and – above all – what should it do?
  • Research & Wireframing – good projects are well planned projects. We take the time to research your work, explore your market, and flesh out the new site’s structure.
  • Design, UX & UI – the next phase is all about creating a memorable visual appearance that strikes a chord with your audience and is easy and pleasurable to use.
  • Development – the website is built according to the design, with speed and performance high on the agenda. We deliver the results you deserve.
  • SEO & Auditing – the work doesn’t stop when the website has been built. Next up, we help you rise up the search rankings and get your shiny new website seen.

Web design Bristol.

When it’s time to create a new online platform for your brand, you need a team of designers you can rely on. Highly creative and digitally attuned, our designs make a splash whatever the industry, fostering brand identity and delivering the site performance you need. We keep up to date with the latest trends, from bottom navigation to mobile-first design. But we don’t follow the flock – in fact, we lead it. One step ahead – forever evolving and creating. From layout to font to colour to imagery, we work across a range of disciplines to optimise UX and maximise visual impact.  

E-Commerce website design Bristol.

Your website is the digital shopfront of your business, so don’t trust its creation to just anyone. Our web designers have worked on everything from colossal e-commerce platforms for national brands all the way to inventive, highly illustrated sites for quirky independents. We understand the pressure for e-commerce brands to stand out; there’s more competition on the digital high street than the real one – that’s for sure. We take a bird’s eye view of your market, design a website that drives conversions and presents your products in the best light. Then, we bring it to life using the WooCommerce plugin – proven to perform. 

WordPress web design Bristol.

Our experienced WordPress website designers are ready to talk through your ideas, develop your vision, and bring your new identity to life. It’s no accident that WordPress is our CMS of choice; highly intuitive and flexible, the platform provides our clients with the freedom to manage their sites independently in the future if they choose. WordPress is also open source, meaning the most talented developers across the globe are forever improving how it works. We collaborate to thrive.  

Website development Bristol.

It takes skill to build a website that attracts, performs and delivers. Our talented developers have constructed highly functional websites for businesses in all sectors, from construction companies to independent consultants to restaurants – you name it! Once the design is complete, our developers take the reins, building stunning bespoke websites that are highly responsive and perfectly suited to mobile screens and desktops alike. If you’ve got a website project in mind, what are you waiting for? Our website whizzes are ready to knock it out of the park. 

Bespoke WordPress website designers & developers Bristol.

Squarebird is a digital agency ready to design and build a stunning site for your business. Platform constructed, we deliver the full spectrum of digital marketing services, helping you market your brand and soar up the search engines.

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