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Websites By Local People, For Local People

Here at Squarebird, as a website design agency we are proud of our strong roots in Nailsea, just outside of Bristol. We want to see our town and local businesses thrive and that’s why we’ve chosen to run our business here.

As lifelong residents of Nailsea and North Somerset, make the most of our local knowledge to quickly understand where your business fits within the local area.

We understand the local market, and we can help you to:

  • Identify how to position and differentiate yourself among competitors
  • Use the latest tools and techniques in digital marketing
  • Utilise social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram to reach clients and customers
  • Be present, seen and professionally presented on Google Maps
  • Optimise your business for search engines like Google and Bing
  • Develop a creative brand image that relates to local people and businesses
  • Sell your products or promote your business internationally, from your local area

Our knowledge of the local area enables us to create bright and effective websites that remain true to their origins in Nailsea, such as:

Graphic design with a local touch in Nailsea

With any brand and marketing campaign, it’s important to consider local factors in order to appeal to those nearest to you. In a world of ever-increasing competition, it’s important to give local people a reason to buy from you, no matter your size of business.

Showing your knowledge and passion for delivering high quality service from just around the corner is an excellent way to do it, through a well-designed brand that gives a nod to your local environment, Case Studies and real-life photography of you and your business.

Photography and video for marketing

The difference between a good website design and a great one is often the imagery used.

Is it top quality? Is it creative and exciting? Does it show everything it needs to?

The answer is often no if you’re thinking of using stock images. It’s worth investing in professional photography that captures the essence of your business. How much more likely are you to pick up the phone to a business where you can see the people you’re likely to meet and the quality of their work, rather than a shiny stock photo that doesn’t really fit in?

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