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Why Cloud Hosting Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

Page performance has been proven to directly influence conversion rate, making it essential that your website delivers a seamless customer journey. Cloud hosting can revolutionise performance by spreading data across multiple servers and offers a host of benefits including site resilience, scalability and loading speeds.

At Squarebird, we provide premium cloud hosting to a range of businesses across the UK. If you’re an e-commerce business looking for a scalable platform that can handle sudden spikes in traffic, we can help. If you’re a small consultancy firm with more consistent viewers, we have a reliable, streamlined solution just for you.

In this blog, we unpack cloud hosting in more detail and explore how it can benefit site performance, ultimately bringing in greater conversions.

What is cloud hosting?

Instead of there being one dedicated server, cloud hosting spreads data across a cluster of machines in different locations. This creates an interconnected network to host your website and all of its data, reducing the risk of downtime and boosting performance across the board.

How does cloud hosting work?

A cloud hosting service will create a virtual server out of an infrastructure of connected machines in different locations which work together to share the load. The network will direct a user query to the server that is geographically closest. This means the time taken to deal with the request is dramatically reduced.

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Advantages of cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting is an innovative website hosting solution that offers a variety of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Below, we summarise some of the key advantages you will encounter when you make the switch.

Increased website speeds
As page load time increases from 1 to 3 seconds, the likelihood that people will leave your website increases by 32%. Cloud hosting delivers a better user experience because the website is supported by multiple servers. This means each server helps to lighten the load on the other machines in its network, radically improving website speed.

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Highly scalable
Hosting your website via the cloud allows resources to be quickly and efficiently scaled up or down to accommodate surges in site traffic without slowing down. A situation like this might occur if you’re an e-commerce website and you announce a sale, causing visitors to rapidly increase in a short period of time. Having your website crash at this all-important moment would not be ideal for your income. Luckily, cloud hosting means these issues are minimised. The server can even be set up to automatically scale resources.

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Website resilience
Multi-server hosting provides backup should one of the machines go offline, increasing the reliability of your website. This means your data is safe and the website won’t suddenly vanish if there is a significant hiccup with one of the servers.

Outsourcing your hosting means no more worrying about technical errors and site slip-ups. If you want to enhance your online presence and start seeing the conversions roll in, contact the team at Squarebird. We’re WordPress cloud hosting specialists and can help your business soar.

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Flexible to requirements
Cloud hosting is extremely flexible. Your particular hosting package can be tailored to suit your needs as a business, meaning you get a custom solution that is optimised for your website. The space, processing power, security and a range of other variables can all be altered to fit your situation.

Better for the environment
Though not entirely green, the cloud is actually more eco-friendly than using a dedicated server. In fact, a study by Microsoft found cloud hosting to be 93% more energy efficient than traditional data centres. If sustainability is important to your business, you might want to consider opting for a cloud-based package rather than a dedicated server in order to maximise your eco-credentials.

Pay for what you use
With cloud hosting, you don’t pay for a specific allocation of resources. This means the price will be reflective of your actual data use, making it more cost-effective for many businesses. If your traffic ebbs and flows, a cloud-based server network can accommodate by increasing or decreasing available resources. Not only will this mean your site can cope with high levels of visitors, it also reduces usage during any lulls.

How does cloud hosting improve conversion rate?

In Google’s May 2021 Algorithm update, it was announced that ‘Page Experience’ would become a key ranking factor. Now more than ever it is vital to optimise your website in order to rank highly in the Google search results. A high ranking on Google ensures a greater number of visitors to your site who are actively interested in topics related to your business. An enhanced page experience will naturally boost time spent on the website, reduce bounce rate and increase the likelihood someone will make an enquiry or purchase.

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