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Working in Harmony.


A rebrand and new website for Chorus, cyber security experts redefining the modern IT person.

Chorus came to Squarebird looking to modernise their brand and website. Since starting in 1999, Chorus have continually evolved their services to keep delivering client value and underpinned by one of their core values ‘embrace the future’. This evolution included the launch of their innovative Cyber Security Operations Centre and Managed Security services, so they wanted a new identity that looked as cutting-edge as their services.

That’s where we stepped in, another local company with shared values, reflected in our people and ambition.

Enabling evolution.

Our task was to help Chorus establish themselves as big players in the industry, embodying the modernity and maturity of their technology partner, Microsoft.

By assessing where they have been, and where they wanted to be, we delivered the strategy behind the rebrand, summarised with the proposition:

“Creating a new type of IT person to benefit clients everywhere.”

With the ethos of the rebrand agreed, we moved onto visualising and digitalising these words. Chorus’ key elements are its people, clients, and the wider industry, all combined in the new tripartite logo, signalling a progressive movement into the future.

The ability of Chorus to evolve itself and its people inspired the new colour palette, pairing the gradient of their previous brand with new digital hues of purple and teal. From here, the creation of graphic elements and bespoke icons was seamless, elevating the strong brand palette with eye-catching and undeniably on-brand assets.

Digitalising difference.

To complete the rebrand, we conducted a tone of voice workshop with Chorus, and savoured matching the perfect tone with the new brand visuals. Empowered by their values and rousing rebrand strategy, Chorus found their new voice; one of reassuring confidence and friendly familiarity.

Chorus’ new website combines the best of their offering: knowledge and personality. With a focus on testimonials and information, the website naturally guides users through the technicalities of Microsoft technology regularly supported by real world examples.

The result.

The proven power of combining people and technology; creating an impactful brand to lead Chorus into its next generation of growth and development.

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