Creative, engaging and super-fast websites that get results.

Our team possess a rare combination of skills in marketing, strategy development, creative writing, photography, graphic design and website development. It is this, along with our Great Website Philosophy and much-loved proactive approach, which enables us to build affordable and engaging websites that give businesses the edge in a competitive digital world!

We’re immensely proud of our Great Website Philosophy, which is based on providing websites of incredibly high quality that get results, with an exceptional level of service at sensible prices.

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Key points

  • Everything we do is in-house
  • Our websites are incredibly fast and affordable
  • We are always at the end of the phone or available to meet in person
  • Your website will be simple to use and edit
  • Your website will come with free training videos for editing
  • We have a rare combination of skills that create awesome websites once put together
  • We take time, with you, to understand your wider business strategy

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Squarebird’s Great Website Philosophy.

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Beautiful, creative, original images

When websites use images taken from online stocks, the site can feel extremely disjointed and never truly reflects the business or the people within. That’s why with every website we make, we work with you on site to take creative photographs, bringing out the best of you and your business to really show the world what makes you and your products or services great!


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Compelling content

Sometimes it’s hard to know just how to articulate what you do to someone new! Especially when you have your head in your own business day and night. It’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why we take the time to understand your business as an outsider, which is natural to us with our skills and experience of working in a wide range of industries. We even help you to write the content; something many website developers run away from.

This approach enables us and you to decide what should be the driver of your website; is it in-depth case studies? Is it strong imagery? Is it something a little different? It will entirely depend on your unique offer, and we get that.


Simple, secure and easy to use

It’s imperative that your website is simple and easy to use, without taking anything away from complex products or services that your business might offer. It’s about packaging and presenting it in the right way so that the information is available if a user needs it, without being overwhelmed by information.

Once we have helped you decide on a good structure for your website, we use this to inform our creative design process.

What’s more, we offer a unique service that backs up your website every day to a secure location, away from the server, ensuring that your hard work and investment is never lost.

Responsive technologies

With businesses and consumers ever increasingly using the internet on their phone or tablet to find what they need, it is absolutely essential that your website not only works on mobiles, but is logical and easy to use on mobiles. This means so much more than a website that simply responds or adapts to the device a user is viewing your site on.

We take steps to achieve this by telling your site what and what not to show when it appears on mobile devices, ensuring that users on smaller screens enjoy a smooth, simple and logical experience when navigating your website with their fingers and thumbs.


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Optimised for search engines

We are proud of the effort that we put in to getting search engines to recognise your website once it goes live. Using our vast experience and expertise in this field, we are able to use tried and tested methods to optimise your chances of getting you to a excellent position when people look for you on Google in a short period of time. We also offer tailored advice and other services to help you gain and maintain a desirable position.


They’re fast… really fast!

All of our websites are hosted on servers running Solid State Drives (SSDs), making them extremely quick. We also maintain regular security and other software updates to ensure consistent website compatibility. Daily website backups (stored both in the cloud and 2 secure offline locations) are taken to ensure that in the unlikely event of an attack, your website can be restored quickly and effectively.

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