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Tired of a site that didn’t serve their needs or accurately showcase their expertise, getUBetter came to Squarebird for a new design that would help position them as an industry leading musculoskeletal health, self-management, and digital transformation business.

What we did:

    • Web consultancy
    • Web design
    • Web development

An exercise in web health.


A focus on functionality and navigation led to an engaging, professional look – guiding potential clients and patients in the right directions while building their confidence in getUBetter at the same time.

The primary focus of the site was to promote the benefits of the platform to Integrated Care Systems, and potential buyers in the NHS. To this end we leaned on industry trends, creating something that showcased both the end-patient results and actual footage of the platform in action.

It was identified in the brief that it was of utmost importance to have a clearly defined and accessible area for patients who visit the site looking for information, so we ensured clear calls to action throughout, leading patients to the correct areas of the site for them.


A clear user journey was important, not just to distinguish the different areas of the site, but also to easily show the benefits of getUBetter’s service to any user.
Equally, getUBetter needed to be able to update the site themselves as they continue to develop their products, represented in the easily manageable backend system with lots of variable and functional content blocks.

Interaction was encouraged through an emphasis on movement throughout the site. This came through in features like the circular motion of the CTA buttons, and elements loading in which reflect the full patient lifecycle.


As expected for a website in the medical industry, accessibility was an important element. It was especially noteworthy on the patient website, as some patients might have limited knowledge of technology or health concerns. This all led to a considerate design built for clean, uncluttered content areas with prominent CTAs.

“The getUBetter build was a challenging, yet rewarding, web project. With a lot of dynamic data being pulled from various sources, we created highly customisable & flexible content blocks that allowed them to easily update and manage content, create new pages, and ensure the design styling was retained throughout.”

– Jay Crossley, Web Developer

The result.

A clear, defined website that represents getUBetter’s platform and services, engaging users of various levels with a journey that suits them best. It showcases getUBetter as a leader in their industry, offering a much better experience on a scalable platform to grow alongside.


The redesign of the getUBetter website played a huge part in our new communications strategy. The Squarebird team’s challenge was to achieve the many objectives we set for the project including, but not limited to, enhancing getUBetter’s visibility and service awareness, increasing visitor engagement and lead generation, as well measuring success of our communication and marketing campaigns. Ben and the team helped us achieve all, translating the many requirements and the complex business model into a compelling and uncomplicated front end and back end design.

As a Comms Officer, I am already seeing numerous positive outcomes, including increased engagement, and enhanced ability of mine and the team to create well-rounded, impactful and easily measurable content-driven strategies.

Natalia Szczepanek |getUBetter
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