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A new venture for a seasoned artist.

Hans Heaton approached Squarebird as a successful tattooist looking to inject life into his other artistic passions. Beyond his tattoo business, Hans had a growing desire to showcase his art pieces in galleries, and needed a personalised digital space to achieve this.

What we did.

• Web consultancy
• Logo refinement
• Creative copywriting
• Web design
• Web development

Painting the perfect picture.

Our initial meeting with Hans gave us great insight into what he wanted out of the content and design, as well as how and why he makes art. He spoke of entering a meditative state, of conjuring an image in his mind and then capturing it in his art – a process we held close when creating the site’s copy and visuals.

As Hans already had a recognisable signature for his art, we took the opportunity to refine it into his logo. This led into creating different stylings, accompanied by copywriting examples. During this phase, we took quotes from Hans and used them to explore the relationship between his art and his brand voice.

With Hans’ identity established, our teams collaborated to blend design and content into a cohesive, off-grid style platform. For the finishing touches we added a smooth scrolling effect that made the site flow and pause naturally, and a dark-mode toggle to showcase the art in different environments, all to support the abstract-contemporary feel.

The result.

A well-polished, free-form digital gallery that showcases Hans’ artwork in his own personalised space.

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