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Case Studies

An instruction in maximalist design.


Providing opportunities.

MyTutor are an online tutoring scheme that releases potential of everyone involved, allowing undergrads to become tutors for students. The best part about it is that it provides opportunities for both tutor and student! They initially needed a booklet that clearly illustrated the benefits of MyTutor using their current brand guidelines to display in schools. Using their exciting branding and inspiring colours – Squarebird were up for the task!

Unleashing potential.

Having come to us as a pre-existing brand, we were excited to help enhance their identity even more through the use of premade assets and branding. Our relationship has flourished quickly, and we were soon creating a funky chocolate wrapper, impact & financial reports, posters, and motion graphics for conventions along with merchandise and a compelling invitation for the company.

MyTutor has been one of our biggest relationships for printed collateral – giving us the opportunity to show off our refined skillset when it comes to print and layout, as well as conjuring up websites. We had a great time working with them!

The result.

We now maintain an ever-growing relationship, creating bespoke and exciting content to help MyTutor to continue to release the potential from both their tutors and tutees!

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