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Promoting better community health & wellbeing.


The Quality of Life Foundation was established to raise people’s quality of life by making wellbeing central to the way property developers, communities and government organisations create and care for homes and communities.

Their former website was built when the Foundation was in its infancy and was no longer fit for purpose. The previous site had slow load times, was hard for users to navigate, hindered management by the Foundation due to complexity, and ultimately didn’t make it clear what the Quality of Life Foundation did.

Bringing the Foundation to Life.

A new website was required to reflect the scale and capacity of the organisation, and provide them with a platform that they could update themselves as they continue to grow.

Led by the Foundation’s exciting brand guidelines, we set to work creating style tiles demonstrating how we could expand their brand into visual web concepts. It was important to ensure clear differentiation between their charity and commercial work, which was achieved using the different colour options available in their guidelines.

Style tile approved, we moved on to a selection of desktop and mobile page designs to see how the styling would pair with their content, and ultimately bring the work of the Foundation to life across all devices.

Given the range of audiences that the Foundations works with, accessibility was an important factor in the design and build.

I was excited to work on something with such a striking colour palette and illustrative elements. Taking inspiration from the logo, I created hexagonal shapes which also encouraged the style of sections and features throughout the site. All of the above created a symphony of seamless brand identity whilst still being highly accessible to a wide audience.

– Hope, Designer.

Functionality and future-proofing.

Sitemap, content, and designs approved we started working through the build. Regular client check-ins ensured the project progressed efficiently and the content upload split effectively between us and the Foundation.

The Foundation’s work is all underpinned by the Quality of Life Framework, an asset they created with URBED that helps to inform research and recommendations to government, communities, developers and their wider target audience. To ensure their framework, work and methods were not being used inappropriately, and that users gave consent before gaining access, the framework was ‘gated’. Only once users had accepted the T&Cs could they access the framework, adhering to required legalities.

The result.

The Foundation now has a website that instantly identifies to users who they are and what they do, supported by dynamic testimonials and projects throughout, validating their mission. The quality of their website now reflects the quality of their work, to bring health & wellbeing to the forefront of the built environment.

Squarebird did a fabulous job of designing and developing a new website for the Quality of Life Foundation. The old website had run its course, as the organisation had changed significantly since it was designed and built. It was great to work with Squarebird to make sure the organisation’s story was told clearly, and that the site reflects the needs of our different users. I would happily recommend working with Squarebird.

Emma Cooke |Quality of Life Foundation
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