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People and relationships come first.


A comprehensive brand and website redevelopment for SRLV, a full-service firm of chartered accountants, business management specialists, and corporate and private client advisors for creative and other premium industries.

Having outgrown their former brand and website, SRLV began looking for change. Their old identity failed to showcase the personality of the business, the premium nature of their offer, the breadth of their services and the talented individuals that make up their team.

Collaborating with Henrietta Atkins Consulting Limited, their appointed Strategic Marketing Consultancy, the Board chose Squarebird for this exciting brand evolution and investment in the future of the firm.

Painting the picture.

Together, we began by exploring the reasons behind the rebrand, and the goals that SRLV wanted to achieve with it. We crystalised their need to build awareness of their brand and specialist services across twelve industries, assessing their core objectives:

  • To use digital marketing assets more effectively.
  • To profile key people within the business as leaders in their fields.
  • To leverage their brand for recruitment at all levels.

This culminated in a redevelopment proposal covering brand, web, and collateral elements.

The project got underway with an analysis and review of SRLV’s existing brand. Working closely with their strategy consultancy and leadership team, we discussed several key questions, asking them to paint a picture that would allow us to build the creative briefing. Once the direction had been decided, we started work on the logo and wider brand designs.

People as the beating heart.

SRLV’s existing branding was preserved through small details including the sage colour of their logo. The other aspects of their logo were carefully refined from a selection of concepts that each showcased different components of their brand identity.

The chosen solution was titled ‘people as the beating heart’. This concept aimed to portray the quality, confidence, and creativity of SRLV’s services. The letters of their name were brought together to form a confident, sophisticated mark to symbolise their relationship with both clients and their own staff. Forging long-term relationships of trust is at the core of the firm’s ethos.

The brand personality demonstrated by the logo was extended to the rest of the redevelopment, showing them as professionals with a contemporary edge, but still retaining that core sense of integrity, values, and a family-feel.

We worked through a concept stage, creating multiple logos that ranged from safe to disruptive. The design that lured them in was dynamic, with the potential to expand into wider branding. It could animate to spell out the letters SRLV and be used to create a bespoke pattern that’s applicable throughout the brand identity. It was an enjoyable process with multiple avenues but when they saw the one, they just knew.” – Alec, the Lead Designer for the project.

Bringing the business to life.

We assessed the main priorities of the website redevelopment:

  • Bringing to life the vibrant contemporary culture of the firm through design and content.
  • Demonstrating the diversity of the staff in terms of gender, age and ethnicity.
  • Highlighting the quality of SRLV as an employer to support the recruitment of graduates and qualified professionals.
  • Supporting wider digital marketing activities including email marketing and social media.

A number of style tiles were created, showcasing how the logo could be expanded into their wider identity. We worked with their strategy consultancy and leadership team to optimise the website design, combining elements from each style tile to supply a polished final product. This resulted in a premium feel and a clear brand identity which highlighted the team’s experience through features such as a dynamic people feed. High quality, dynamic photography and video content was central to this.

SRLV strives to attract the best talent at all levels, from intern to partner so supporting recruitment was a key requirement of the rebrand. This was achieved by providing a window in to the vibrancy and energy of SRLV as a place to work, and by creating distinction between visuals for the marketing and careers sections of the website. This styling continued into other assets, including recruitment campaigns, a graduate scheme, and an internship programme.

The result.

A re-envisioned brand and website that creates a premium experience with a luxury feel, demonstrating the expertise and experience of SRLV’s staff, with consistent quality and messaging across all facets of their digital presence.

There is a first class team at Squarebird. It was a pleasure working with them. They helped us develop a new brand logo and a full website overhaul, taking on board our vision and giving excellent advice along the way. I highly recommend them.

Grant Court |SRLV
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