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Your new favourite.


White Bear is our kind of place – a quirky social club located on St. Michaels Hill in Bristol. Now under new owners, its relaunch has been helped along with Squarebird, guiding it to take flight with a uniquely crafted web presence and voice. 

A prime location.

What was a struggling business, the new owners saw as an opportunity. After success with their previous venue in Cardiff they saw potential to spice up White Bear, give it a unique identity, and help it stand out from the crowd.

Searching for an agency that would get them and their vibe led them to Squarebird. They reached out to us, and we hit it off right away.

We saw their premises and potential, listened to what they wanted to achieve, then set out to plan what we could do with it.

Making your new favourite.

We kicked off their marketing solution, focusing our efforts on three main channels: tone, site, and socials.


The tone of voice was a major point of importance, feeding into White Bear’s new identity and acting as a pivotal trust point between us and them.

They had a tone of voice already but felt it distasteful; their team just couldn’t get invested in it. We made a tone that’s sassy and blunt, but friendly, colloquial, and to-the-point. A self-confident voice that feels like a text from a friend.

They wanted to be a local Bristol “late night pub” to act as a place for anyone and everyone to have a few drinks in the evening, chat, listen to music, be with people, and make friends in a welcoming environment.


We decided on a simple, one-page solution for their website. It would contain all the key knowledge people would need, with the foundations to further develop it as the business grows.

It was built to have a fun bit of personality, drawing inspiration from the interiors of the pub itself:

  • A colour scheme with a dark background and neon pops
  • Fairy lights as a nod to their “bear” garden
  • Picture frames used around the images

This all gave the site a dose of ownable design which would relay into their people and team, giving them confidence in their look and voice.


Their socials came with a bit of complexity. Alongside the handing over process of existing accounts, we also began managing their Google business profile and pages.

We created guidelines to help standardise the approach to branded images, style, tone, and reels. This fed into some sample posts, giving them a flavour of what was to come.

Once we’d agreed on the way to go, we started creating popular, highly engaged reels that displayed the key things like directions, interior design elements, and their quirky range of drinks.

Since we began managing their social accounts we saw an increase of: 

  • 29% in Instagram followers 
  • 25% in Instagram profile views 

In the first three months alone! 

You really can’t miss it.

The results come out in the vibrant visuals that showcase their expansive offering and ownable environment, a tone of voice that speaks to the heart of their patrons, and a bespoke site to serve as the starting point for their growing reputation.

Speedy & relevant induction process. Team picked up feedback quickly. Really enjoyable experience and has taken what is an impactful task to the business with real efficiency and detail.

James Finn
5 Star Review Based on Google reviews

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