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How Illustration Can Bring Your Business to Life

At Squarebird, we design and build technically brilliant websites, and they look great too.

Eye-Catching and Informative Illustrations, Crafted to Fit Your Business

Our imaginative illustrations take your business to the next level, from engaging websites to eye-catching infographics and branding bursting with personality.

We take illustration seriously. We know it is more than a way to make things pretty. Good illustration tells a story, be it of a brand, a service, or a product.

Our illustrators work with you from concept to design to ensure perfection. From big to small illustration projects, we use our expertise to make your creative dreams a reality.

What is Illustration?

Illustration is the use of imagery, created by an illustrator, to decorate, explain, prove or add to texts and concepts. But that doesn’t make it sound as exciting as it really is.

Illustration is the use of pictures to convey concepts and processes that words could never. It is the use of colour to catch the eye of people who would have never looked twice. The use of shape to create engaging documents that contain mundane content.

Some illustration styles suit certain fields more. But that is where the illustrator comes in, with their tools and creative skill, creating beautiful illustrations fit for use. Our illustrators know exactly how to take a brief and turn it into a work of art.

In an ever increasingly digital world, illustration gives businesses a personal touch. Handmade techniques may have been replaced with digital medias, but the sentiment is still much the same.

The importance of illustration cannot be understated. From large corporations to local councils, everyone and anyone can benefit from the impactful artistry of a skilled illustrator.

Why You Need Illustration

If you are looking at your website and wondering what’s missing, or reading over data sets and falling asleep, we have the solution for you! If your business is not shown in its best light with illustration, here are some of the top reasons you need it.

Stand Out

No matter how bland or complex a topic is, illustration can make it exciting. Who can resist an eye-catching website? Or an entertaining animation? No one.

Just because you are in a particular industry does not mean you are exempt from the benefits or need for illustration. In fact, it is probably best if no one in your industry has illustration; you then stand out even more.

We have provided illustrations for a variety of companies, from computing wizards to facilities management connoisseurs.

Bring Business to Life

Have you ever struggled to explain a process to a customer? Words sometimes just aren’t enough.

Bring your business and everything you do to life! Explain concepts in a visual form and convey meaning far better than words. There is no need to have text-heavy pages, laden with information, when you can supplement key points with illustration. After-all, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Take a look at what we did for Fillcon, a business providing a unique offering, who use animated illustrations to display exactly what they do. Or check out ETM, a recycling and waste management business with a website as mobile as their lorries.

Endless Creativity

There are no real rules to illustration, so illustrators are let loose and allowed to let their creative juices flow. If you have an idea but think it may be a bit quirky, try it. There aren’t many limitations to what can be created. And if there is a hurdle, there are many creative ways to get around it.

Illustration trends come and go, along with style matching to particular sectors. Objectively, certain illustration styles may promote different responses; for example, retro illustrations convey tradition and legacy. Simple line art is popular for displaying powerful concepts and oversimplified characters are deemed modern and trendy in 2020.

Whether illustrators conform to norms or not, the end result will be an illustrated masterpiece, custom made for you and your business.

Give Your Business Some Personality

At the end of the day businesses are made up of people, and sometimes it’s good to show that!

Not every brand suits being a bit quirky and having in-your-face personality, but it doesn’t have to be so overt. Subtle illustrations and smart use of colour, for example, can inject some individuality without impacting the overall message.

Clearly, we love our liquidy shapes and specific colours here at Squarebird! And not just because they look good. Our playful animations throughout our site reflect our playful nature. The bright colours reinforce our branding. And the many visuals promote our fabulous design team.

We are proud of our personality. And we are proud to show it off with illustration.


What’s better than a static visual representation of processes? An animation of the process taking place, of course!

Adding subtle movement to illustrations make them all the more engaging and eye-catching. Animation doesn’t have to be obvious, instead even small movements can be super effective.


Large sheets of data can be nothing short of bland. No matter how important the information may be, if it isn’t presented in a clear and engaging way, reading it can be a slog.

Putting effort into data presentation can make it easier to understand and highlight the important points. Combine information and graphics to create the ultimate infographic. Introduce smart graphic designers and skilled illustrators and suddenly people will want to read your data.


Work with an illustrator to create a style you are proud of, a colour scheme you adore, and a logo you can’t get enough of. Once you agree on all the components, you have a fully built branding package!

From here the rest is easy. Use the same colours and style across all media for your business so you become instantly recognisable. Don’t forget to put your logo everywhere! From digital to print media, you want to make sure that you garner attention and are not forgotten.

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If you want to bring your services to life and make your business stand out, contact us today. Our talented illustrators can turn your dreams into artistic realities.

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