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How to Drive Conversions on an Ecommerce Website

There are over 20 million ecommerce stores across the world in 2020, a number expected to continually grow as shopping moves online. With such a saturated market, getting consumers to visit your ecommerce website, and then make a purchase, is not an easy feat.

But that’s where we come in. Squarebird have designed and developed successful ecommerce websites for numerous businesses, providing expert consultancy and digital marketing know-how. From vegan chocolate to professional hairdressing scissors, we have helped businesses attain ecommerce success with striking yet practical websites.

How to increase conversions on an ecommerce website

Have a fast website

When it comes to keeping visitors on a website, there is a real need for speed. The slower your website loads, the more potential customers leave your website.

In fact, even a 100-millisecond delay in load time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7%. That means a full second can decrease conversions by 70%!

Time is very much of the essence, so make sure your website loads fast. Check out your hosting and see if it is up to the task. If not, look around and upgrade your service.

Squarebird host websites on servers running Solid State Drives or in the cloud, making our websites super-fast. We constantly test and improve our website hosting, as well as ensure brilliance and responsiveness across devices.

Achieve optimal website performance with us for maximised conversions. Find out more about reliable website hosting with Squarebird.

Show your products off

It goes without saying that products for sale should be visible – customers need to know what they are buying!

Any successful ecommerce website shows off its products in the best light. Poor quality photos or lacking detail could deter customers. Professional photography will help your products stand out, look stunning and attract customers.

You could also get creative with your ecommerce website, especially if you don’t sell physical goods, but more abstract services. Illustration, with added animation, can inform customers and explain processes you provide. Customers will be engaged and educated, no doubt leading to increased conversions.

Check out our animation services, along with examples of applications.

Focus on SEO and PPC

One way to encourage conversions? Attract traffic to your website.

If potential customers are googling your products but you aren’t at the top of the search, it’s likely you will be ignored in favour of your competitors ranking higher. Work on your SEO, raise up in the rankings, gain organic traffic, and increase conversions – simple!

Well…not simple. Just like Rome, effective SEO isn’t built in a day. To see sufficient results, such as higher ranking, increased traffic or more conversions, you have to implement SEO strategies for months. Fortunately for you, Squarebird is home to some SEO wizards, ready to take your ranking from low to high.

Our SEO expertise >

PPC campaigns are another effective method of attracting traffic to your website, and hopefully increasing conversions; PPC traffics converts 50% more than organic traffic!

Work out your budget and build your campaign. Most advertisers achieve a high return on investment, allowing them to continue attracting customers and gaining a profit. Find out more about PPC here.

Incentivise purchases

We are all guilty of clicking on ads that offer us a special deal – if not, congratulations, you have superior willpower. Customers can’t resist a good deal, be it free shipping, a discount code or freebies.

Offer something special on your ecommerce website to increase conversions. If you aren’t prepared to give financial incentives, perhaps if you are just starting out, there are other persuasion methods to use. For example, highlight a countdown of how long is left of a deal or stock. Interested customers won’t want to miss out on their desired purchase or discount and will therefore follow through with their conversion.

Provide reviews

92% of consumers read online reviews (source), and often take their advice with 88% trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations. If you have positive reviews, don’t be afraid to show them off – they could directly lead to conversions.

There are many plugins available that show reviews on ecommerce websites. At Squarebird, we champion WooCommerce, an ecommerce plugin that makes online selling simple and secure. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce integrates reviews into your ecommerce platform for customers to browse and develop trust.

Be present on social media

Social media is often overlooked as a marketing tool, especially in regard to ecommerce. However, social media is the perfect way to advertise and update your existing customer base, as well as appeal to new customers!

Not only can you promote new products or deals to increase conversions, you can use analytic tools to understand your customers and create tailored marketing strategies.

With constant updates and novel features, social media platforms are evermore catering to ecommerce. Take Instagram as an example; the shopping tag feature lets businesses link items in pictures to their websites. Customers see the price and name straight away, click the link, and are instantly taken to the ecommerce platform for purchase.

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