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With Jon’s skills and experience in marketing and strategy combined with Nick’s expertise in branding and digital design, together we offer a unique combination of skills from a family business, with the backing of a bright and agile team.

Our clients love the fact that they have a single point of contact for a range of expertise in marketing. From a quick piece of graphic design to redeveloping their entire website, it’s refreshing for them to know that even the smallest task is executed with their overall strategy in mind.

We’re far from semi-retired consultants – we’re digital natives who utilise all-things digital to grow both our own and our client’s businesses. With technology moving at pace, our own business thrives from our knowledge and skills in digital marketing, and we can help you to take advantage of it.

No bullshit – It’s a piece of feedback we receive regularly and it’s something we’re proud of – our business is established and we’re in this for the long haul. We’re committed to building strong relationships with our clients, so we have no need to ‘sell’ or undertake a project we don’t believe in.

Organisations hire us to bring their marketing up to standard and drive it forwards, and that’s what we do.

Re-evaluating your position in the market, developing a marketing strategy or launching a new business can be extremely difficult, especially if you are too close to the action.

As outsiders looking in with proven expertise and experience in marketing, we help to develop brands, identify market position and set strategy, all the while applying the latest thinking and trends in marketing.

  • Get to know the business and its vision for the future
  • Examine the brand, research the market and identify position and opportunities
  • Develop a smart marketing strategy, based upon the research
  • Develop a 6-12 month marketing plan, incorporating both offline and digital marketing, informed by the strategy
  • Help implement and source the needs for the marketing plan
Typically we will meet to discuss your requirements and learn more about your business, its history and your aspirations. We then conduct market research, competitor analysis and audit your current activity, both online and offline.

We help you to produce a succinct, clear and memorable strategy, as well as a marketing plan to help you put the actions into place to get results. We then support you to implement the plan where required, while regularly reviewing and reporting on results.

With Jon (the marketing geek) and Nick (the digital nerd) involved, we can provide a level of insight, fluidity and proactivity that the brothers have become known for.

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