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What Will Happen to My Domain With Google? Everything You Need to Know About Google Domains and Squarespace

If you own a Google domain, you will have received an email about the Squarespace purchase. No doubt you’ll have questions about this – well here are the answers!

There’s no reason to panic or take action, though it’s definitely worth informing yourself. Domains can be notoriously tricky, so there’s sure to be some confusion as the process runs its course. Staying ahead of the game by keeping in the know will give you some relief and keep your domain running smoothly.

What Happened to Google Domains?

If you didn’t receive the email, or just don’t quite get how it’ll affect you, assets owned by Google Domains have been purchased by Squarespace – confirmed to those who purchased or manage domains on Google Domains via email on 16th August 2023.

The purchase, due to close in Q3 2023, formalises the move of around 10 million domains currently on Google Domains, affecting millions of user accounts and customers – and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them.

As there are approvals to obtain, the purchase is still in motion, so some of the below may be subject to change.

You can find out more about the transaction here.https://newsroom.squarespace.com/blog/googledomains

Where Will Google Domains Go?

Domains held on Google Domains will be transferred to Squarespace Domains. From a user’s perspective, nothing should change, other than the frontend platform on which users manage their domain and associated information.

The migration of Google Domains to Squarespace Domains has been reassuringly labelled as ‘as seamless as possible’, but when it is due to happen is still unknown. Google has helpfully put together key information regarding the migration.

Squarespace Domains is in the process of upgrading their platform to offer users a better experience in the management of their domain, SSL, domain and email forwarding, and more.

Will I Still Have a Google Domain?

Before, during and after the transaction, you will continue to have your domain – it shouldn’t go missing, if that’s what you’re worried about. According to Google, your domain will still work throughout the whole process and will be ‘unaffected’.

In essence, your domain name will stay the same, it will simply be managed elsewhere.
Users will be informed when their domain is moving prior to it happening, so can take any precautions or monitor as necessary.

When Will Google Domains Migrate to Squarespace?

There is no definitive date yet – the transaction has to be closed first, which is pending various approvals. The closure is due to happen in Q3 of 2023, and this amount of domain migrations is expected to take many months, so it’s likely users will be informed of changes in the coming months.

How Much Will Google Domains Cost on Squarespace?

As part of the agreement, the existing renewal costs of Google domains will be honoured by Squarespace for 12 months. After this time elapses, we’re in the dark on how costs might change in the future.

Squarespace Domains have various incentives and freebies for Google Domain customers to sweeten the deal. These incentives include free SSL certificates, free WHOIS privacy, and a free holding page.

What Happens to DNS Records on Google Domains?

Domain Name Systems (DNS) are different to domains – though the terms are commonly used interchangeably due to them often being held in the same place by the same provider.

DNS are notoriously tricky, and have to be handled with care. Google has said that Google Cloud DNS will continue to be used throughout the migration and beyond, continued by Squarespace, offering reliability and performance.

Is Google Domains now Squarespace?

While Squarespace will hold domains previously managed via Google Domains, users will still be able to manage their domains on Google Domains’ interface – for now. Only once the transaction is closed will Google Domains begin to migrate to Squarespace Domains.

Customers will be updated on any changes.

Can I Transfer My Domain?

Was Google not as futureproof as you thought? This update may make you wonder about domain providers. You can change your domain registrar, though this can be a complex process and should only be done after considered thought.

Customers of Google Domains who do not want to transfer to Squarespace can migrate their domain to another registrar prior to the Squarespace migration, or after.

Is Transferring a Domain Risky?

Domain transfers can carry complexity, and risk downtime. If you are going to transfer your domain, be sure to talk to your existing provider and factor in considerations such as DNS, downtime, and fees.

What next…?

For now, the only thing we can do is sit back and wait for more information. If all this talk has you thinking about your web presence, now could be a good time to refresh your site. Powered by WordPress, and combining your domain and your business, we create impactful digital experiences. View our portfolio and get in touch with us to start your journey.

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