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WordPress Cloud Hosting Specialists Bristol

Here at Squarebird, located in Nailsea, just outside of Bristol, we don’t just design and build great websites, we also provide high-speed, ultra-reliable and incredibly secure website hosting.

Fast and Secure WordPress Hosting, monitored 24/7, 365 days a year

Our state-of-the-art hosting platform ensures that our clients’ websites are extremely secure and perform at their optimum capacity. What’s more, our websites and monitored by software that will notify us 24/7 if the website has gone offline, enabling us to act quickly to address any issues.

We take great pride in offering a hassle-free service for businesses of all sizes and in all kinds of industries. From start-ups and SMEs to international organisations, our UK-based network has the capabilities to consistently deliver a sustainable and reliable hosting service.

“Squarebird have been excellent to deal with and far exceeded my expectations. Jon, Nick and the team are very easy to deal with and are very professional in their jobs. I would highly recommend their services.”Blaine Nolan, Director, Poplar Insulation

To explain a little more about the reputable web hosting packages we provide, we’ve put together this handy guide. Here you’ll find out exactly what web hosting is, why you need it, as well as some of the benefits of using our service. But if you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today – we’ll be more than happy to talk you through our hosting options in more detail.

What is Website Hosting?

A good way to get your head around website hosting is to compare it to the files and documents stored on your computer or laptop. Your documents are quite small in size and are stored on your computer’s hard disk, enabling you to instantly access them whenever you require.

Similarly, web pages also require somewhere to be stored in order to be accessed. The only difference, however, is that websites are usually intended to be seen not just by you, but by the entire world. Your computer’s hard disk simply isn’t powerful enough to power this, so the website needs to be stored on a computer with a much higher specification and one that is connected to the internet with an extremely powerful link.

These computers that store websites are called web servers (they serve pages to users on request), and are maintained by specialists in web hosting. It is these servers that make your web pages immediately available to users of the internet.

To summarise in one sentence, without hosting, your site can’t go live on the internet.

Why Does My Website Need Secure Hosting?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person band or a large-scale business operating internationally, your website’s security is of paramount importance. The internet is now accessible to nearly everyone, and in recent years it has become the preferred and easiest method of purchasing and selling goods/services.

Unfortunately, there’s plenty of untrustworthy people out there that thrive off of attempting to exploit the system. With millions of pounds being transferred over the internet every day, and websites holding so much personal data, thieves/identity thieves try (and are sometimes successful) at manipulating the system. Some want to divert funds towards their bank account, others want to acquire data for personal gain, and some just want to cause disruption. The internet is ripe for the taking, so a lack of security can be disastrous. Secure hosting helps to combat and prevent all these problems from developing.

However, you don’t just need secure hosting to defend against criminals, you also need it to reassure potential customers. SSL certificates, for example, are essential for ecommerce websites. It assures customers they are using a safe and trustworthy site, preventing their personal information from being stolen as well as ensuring their credit card details, name, address and so on are secure. Customers are much less likely to purchase from websites without an SSL certificate.

Website hosting is also critical if you’re wanting to maximise sales. Those sites that are unreliable or frequently become unavailable for periods of time are likely to lose customers and attract negative reviews from customers who aren’t enjoying using your website.

What Type of Hosting Server Do I Require?

There are a wide range of web hosting services out there, and the nature and size of your website will depend on what type of server you require. A site that appeals to traffic around the globe that receives high volumes of traffic every day will need a far more robust package than a smaller brochure site that only gets 50 visits a month, for example. It’s like putting the right type of tyre on the right type of car – the server you require will depend on your site.

We’re able to offer an array of hosting packages, allowing us to provide a cost-effective and reliable solution tailored to the individual requirements of your website.

Benefits of our Reliable, Speedy & Secure WordPress Cloud Hosting Services

All of our websites are hosted on servers running Solid State Drives (SSDs) or in the cloud, making them extremely quick. Here’s just a selection of benefits of hosting with us:

Our servers recorded a remarkable 99.9% uptime over the last year.

Incredibly Fast
Our websites are proven to faster than 88% of all websites tested by Pingdom.com, one of the most popular website speed testing tools.

UK or Location Based
To improve speed and data protection, it’s important to have your website hosted within the country in which your business primarily operates. So if your business is based in the UK, you’ll be on our UK network.

Safe & Secure
We regularly complete security updates, ensuring your website stays protected from the latest and diverse range of digital threats.

Frequently Backed-Up
We back-up our websites on a daily basis, saving backups in multiple online and offline locations, and together with our server infrastructure, this ensures that in the unlikely event of a server failure, we can reinstate the website quickly and effectively.

Our premium hosting packages have the ability to scale with demand. If your website is likely to get a sudden increase in visitors, our state-of-the-art servers will scale to the required demand.

Responsive Support
With an ever-growing team on hand to support technical issues, over 96.8% of our support tickets over the last 12 months were resolved within 24 hours.

SSL Certification
We can also install an SSL certificate to your website, giving your website the padlock or green browser bar, reassuring visitors they’re safe on your site. Google favours secure sites so it can help to increase your search engine ranking too.

What is the Difference Between SSD Hosting & Cloud Hosting?

Users expect web pages to fully load in less than 3 seconds, which is why all of our sites are hosted on servers running either SSD or in the cloud. Both are known for their rapid load times, but here we’ve explained a little more about each.

SSD Hosting

SSDs (Solid State Disk) rely solely on electronics and feature no moving parts, making it much quicker and much more reliable than HDDs (Hard Drive Disks). All data is stored on microchips, which mean they’re less vulnerable, more resistant to shakes/drops and theoretically have no delay when reading or writing data – SSDs have 0.2 millisecond read/write speeds, which is 100x faster than a regular HDD.

They also use non-volatile memory for storing information so unlike RAM, they won’t lose any of its information when the power is switched off.

Cloud Hosting

A cloud server is a virtual server running in a cloud computing environment. Rather than one physical server, your website is part of a whole network of computers from which it can pull all the power it needs dynamically. If one computer goes down, it’s not a problem as it’ll instantly connect to another one.

Another of cloud hosting’s advantages is its scalability features. Instead of partitioning one computer into several machines, it combines several computers into a powerful virtual server that can then provide its resources on a need basis – however much your site requires is how much it’ll get.

Also, with shared physical servers, if another user overloads the server, your site will be impacted. This, however, isn’t the case with cloud hosting.

They’re also incredibly fast as servers running cloud hosting dedicate all of their resources to one website: yours!

WordPress Cloud Hosting Review

“Brilliant! Squarebird helped me launch my business, The Mortgage Heroes. Nick, Jon and the team are extremely knowledgeable and very skilled. My website has only been live a few weeks and I have already received a number of enquiries! Thanks team Squarebird!”Simeon Jennings, Founder, The Mortgage Heroes

WordPress Web Hosting Cost

For the best WordPress web hosting prices, it’s best to get in touch with our experts today. We’ll take into consideration the size of your website, how much traffic your site receives and plenty of other crucial information to help provide the most accurate price. We’re passionate about delivering the best value for all of our clients, so we can also discuss the design and build of your website if you wish.

Website Hosting Bristol

If you would like to find out more about our super speedy and super secure website hosting packages, please contact a member of our team today. We’re more than happy to have a chat over the phone, or if you’d prefer, you can come for a coffee at our offices in Nailsea, just outside of Bristol.

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